Amy Fathers - Skull 2014When I was seven I wanted to be a paper architect for the moon when I grew up (which made sense at the time!) Over the last five years I have returned to my bookbinding roots and rediscovered my love of paper.

I’m fascinated by nature and natural history, entimology in particular. My early work was inspired by Victorian specimen collections, creatures once part of a teeming life-force transformed into something lifeless and static.

I’m interested in microcosms and ephemera. Tiny snapshots of life often ignored. Pieces portraying the detritus of life. Miniature studies of nature from local forests, beaches and agricultural land. Small ecosystems that are part of a much larger whole and objects, discarded, that still hold the spirit of their previous owners, each one telling its own story.

For more information, please send an email or call 07538 944 776.